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Antalya, Mediterranean paradise, Turkish riviera
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Olympos - Antalya Turkey. Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Lara, Side, Alanya information, pictures, attractions.

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Olympos - Antalya Turkey. Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Lara, Side, Alanya information, pictures, attractions.

After swimming people who wish to rid themselves of the salt should paddle in the stream that flows through the valley, and then meanders through the Lycian ruins, before eventually reaching the sea.
Whilst strolling through the ice-cold stream a marble sarcophagus comes into sight amongst the ruins of the city.
The sarcophagus belong to the Captain Eudomos and there is an inscription and an embossed boat figure in his memory.
The path that cuts through hundred of pine trees leads to the Roman temple.
The gorge near Olympos provides a slew of outdoor activities. Trekking, swimming, climbing, skiing and rafting are all on the list of options. It is also very popular stopping point for trekkers on the famed Lycian Way (a 500km trail from Fethiye to Antalya).
Hot Rockers stuck to the climbing areas. We explored a variety of crags on fascinating limestone cliffs, some with stunning views over the Mediterranean Sea. It was a lovely place to spend a few days and for people who enjoys the outdoors, and the beach is ideal for their partners who don’t particularly enjoy adrenaline sports.
The area is still not well known with tourists but is definitely growing in popularity. What was once a series of fruit orchards 3 km north of the village of Cirali have now been converted into guesthouses and “tree houses” (which are in effect elevated shacks pretending to lean against a tree).
People from all over Europe and most of Turkey flock here to party and relax on the nearby beach. It certainly is strange to hear the thumping of club music just yards from such a peaceful ancient place.
This village has many tree houses, bungalows, pensions and small hotels. Especially, Olympos is really very famous for the ' tree houses'.
It tends to cater to younger crowd or students including backpackers and budget accommodations. There are many bars and discos in Olympos.

Olympos - Antalya



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