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Antalya, Mediterranean paradise, Turkish riviera
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Public Transportation

Antalya offers a variety of public transportation, such as public buses, taxi cabs, trams, mini-buses and dolmus.
When you arrive to Antalya airport you need to take a taxi or private transportation to go to your hotel. There is no bus or minibus from airport to Antalya city center. You should ask price as a first before you take a taxi. The best way is making reservation with travel agencies for private transfer before your arrival.
In Antalya, the public bus system is the best method of getting to most areas of Antalya. It is not necessary to rent a car or taxi. The public transportation options in Antalya are efficient, inexpensive and convenient so tourists are able to use them easily to get to the most major destinations and attractions. The buses leave at the bus station in the center of Antalya.
Not only for the purpose of conveniently getting around Antalya but also for the experience of local travel, the dolmus is a perfectly legitimate and efficient mode of transportation and visitors are encouraged to try it. The Dolmus drivers are really very helpful to the lost tourists. The strange thing about the dolmus is the payment. Money will be passed down the vehicle from the back to the driver and then change will be passed back. Payment is normally made soon after boarding the dolmus. The Dolmus currently costs 1.50 Turkish Lira for inner city journeys and little bit more for out of town villages. You can stop the Dolmus on the street whenever you need one and if you want to get off just say it to the driver. It is very cheap and it is a nice way to taste a little of the Turkish atmosphere!
Tramway goes to a limited number of locations in Antalya. It is useful for tourists because it does hit many major attractions, such as the Antalya Museum. It is a single line with 2 different trams, one running in each direction. They leave every half hour and they are inexpensive and convenient for certain destinations.
Tramway operates between Museum (Antalya Museum) and Zerdalilik directions.
Stops: Museum( Konyaalti beach, Sheraton, Falez hotels, Ataturk park, Glass pyramid ), Barbaros, Meslek lisesi, Selekler( Selekler shopping center ), Kalekapisi ( Main gate of Oldcity-citadel ), Uckapilar ( Hadrian gate-and another gate to Old city-citadel ), Belediye ( Karaalioglu park and another way to Old city-Hidirlik tower ), Isiklar, Cender ( Cender & Talya hotels ), Zerdalilik.
Working hours: between 7.00am-21.00pm

Public Transportation - Antalya



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