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Alanya History Jun 22, 2018


Antalya, Mediterranean paradise, Turkish riviera
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Alanya History

Settlement in Alanya begins in BC. Local people and those who has escaped from Troyan War have blended and form the people of the district.

While talking about Alanya, Antique Age Greek geographer Starbon (65 BC – 23 AC – Amasya) asserts in his book that Coracession (Alanya) is placed between Cilicia and Pamphilia.
BC. Coracession was under the dominancy of a pirate called Diodotos Trypthon. In 65 BC. , Coracession is seized by the Roman general Pompeus who endanger Rome with famine.. After that, with the intersection of Rome, Coracession is seized by Byzantian Ampire, and the name is converted to Kalonoros which means “beautiful mountain”.
In 1220, Klanoros was once again seized by Selcuklu khan Aladdin Keykubat and is named as Alaiye (Ala city) in regard of the sultan.
Shortly after the conquest, development begins in 1221 – 1231 and all the works are descended from Selcuks. Alaiye has become the capital city for wintersince 1231 with its 8 km. long ramparts, towers, reservoir, baths, market, naval dock and scarlet tower.

In 1292 Alaiye has gone under the domain of Karamanogullari and in the reign of Fatih it was conquered by Gedik Ahmet Pasha in 1472. With the command of Ataturk the name Alaiye was converted into Alanya in 1935.
Alanya History Alanya History
Alanya Museum Alanya Museum
Kizilkule ( red tower ), shipyard and Tophane Kizilkule ( red tower ), shipyard and Tophane
Alanya Caves Alanya Caves
Alanya Citadel Alanya Citadel

Alanya History - Antalya



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