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Sarapsa Inn Jul 16, 2018


Antalya, Mediterranean paradise, Turkish riviera
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Sarapsa Inn

Sarapsa in is situated on the 15th km of Alanya-Antalya highway and it was erected in the second sultanate period of Seljuk Sultan Giyasettin II. Keyhusrev between 1236-1246. On the connection points Antalya, Alanya-Konya-Sinop highway Sarapsa inn is a member of the caravanserai-inn system. With the shape of a thin and also long rectangle 70mX15m it has an interesting plan, which does not fit the classical plan of the Seljuk inns. It resembles a citadel wall with its outlook and plan.
Sarapsa inn has a single gate in the middle, which bears no decoration. It is comprised of 9 sections which covered with extended archways, which are aligned longitudinally as open to one another. A small mosque on the east side adjacent to the inn. This small mosque’s gate is opened from the outside. Completely this building was made of cut stones. On the west side there is also a watching tower which is built separate from the inn.
The monument was decorated and restored in an interesting fashion, and today it serves as a restaurant.

Sarapsa Inn - Antalya



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